Crohn's Disease Flare-Ups Causes & amp; Managing Your Symptoms

When going through a flare up from Crohns Disease and managing your symptoms, you are in pain, frustrated and looking for an answer. I know, I was. When you go looking on the internet, there is not a lot of information available on what I could eat with a Crohns flare up. I was at a cross roads, I could continue the way I had been going or try something new. After researching and comparing different ways of eating, I decided to try a program that made the most sense to my situation. I came across the Pain Free Food Program. This is a research-based program, thats easy to understand, with tons of client reviews testifying that this program does really work. Finally, an answer as to what I can eat during a Crohns flare up. This was something that I could understand and get on board with! Mike, the guy who developed the program, found that the answer to healing the gut from digestion problems is to reduce stomach acid.

Within the diet for Crohns flare up and the key in managing symptoms, there are foods you cant eat, called trigger foods. I was told for this diet to work, I must avoid these foods forever.

• Yogurt (coconut yogurt including probiotics is ok, such as SoDelicious brand).
• Milk (all varieties, goat, cow, fresh, whole, raw and all fat or lactose content).
• Nut/seed butters (including peanut butter). Homemade, no sugar 2 TBS/ day ok.
• Cottage cheese
• our cream
• Nutritional drinks like boost and ensure and most weight gain/loss drinks.
• Quinoa

When starting the program, I was to complete a two-day liquid diet, as this is the fastest way to get out of pain. Trust me, it works! My pain had subsided, but I was left with the question what do I eat? The diet for Crohns flare ups is about combining the foods we eat, and they are split up into categories for you, its very simple. The rule is to never combine a protein and a starch at the same time. An example would be a hamburger and bun, as the protein and starch together produce more acid. You would eat your hamburger with mushroom or lettuce.

• Water Vegetables
• Starch
• Protein

I was told to ease back into eating slowly and everything I eat must be fully cooked, nothing raw. I started out eating soft canned vegetables and canned fruit. Wow, I was able to eat and did not experience any discomfort from this diet for Crohns flare ups! As time went on, I was able to slowly incorporate different foods such as my meat (except for the trigger foods) but continued to watch my categories. I am here to tell you I have not had a flare up in quite some time. Finally, a diet that I can stick with! Plus, you can get all the information you need from their website Rachels Tea.

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