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Cloud security means to protect and monitor the flow of information through cloud resources using software tools. It refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilized to protect data, applications, services, and the associated infrastructure of cloud resources. There is no physical equipments to prevent data theft, data leakage and unnecessary data deletion. Cloud security comes under the large domain of information security which also includes computer security and network security.


Distributed denial of service attacks(DDoS)
Insufficient due diligence
Shared technology vulnerabilities
Data loss
Notification and alerts

Distributed denial of services attacks (DDoS)
It is created to overpower site servers so that they cannot respond to the legitimate requests from the users. And it makes the site really useless for hours and days. It can destruct the customer confidence brand authority and there could be loss of revenue. Providing cloud services with DDos protection is very important for business and it has become a requirement.

Insufficient due diligence
Few companies do not have integrated capabilities to assess the possible results of cloud adoption. And the risk of implementing a platform which is insecure and inefficient is too real. Before implementing anything, specific data security problems must be addressed to. Failing to do that may lead to more complicated risks and security vulnerabilities.

Shared technology vulnerabilities

A company can be exposed to security vulnerabilities caused by the other users in the same cloud infrastructure by the use of bids in public or hybrid cloud. It should not happen and it is the responsibility of the cloud provider. A cloud vulnerability is caused by another user in the same cloud and it affects all users.

Data loss

When an important business information is moved to the cloud, it is prone to loss or leakage. The loss of data in the cloud due to accidental deletion, DDoS, or by any technical issues can cause serious problems in the company's business. To overcome this challenge, it is necessary that there is a recovery process and an integrated system to compensate these unpredictable loss of data. Also, the protection of all network layer including the application layer must ne included in the cloud security solutions.

Notification and alerts
Awareness and proper communication about the possible threats is important in cloud security as it is equally important in network security. Quick steps to be taken to minimise the threats and there should be proper communication. Providing alerts and notification from appropriate sites and application managers should be made as a part of the security plan.


It protects cloud infrastructure and everything in it. The type of cloud is an important factor in the type of cloud security. Cloud environment increases the attack surface of the organisation and it requires security that can keep up with the flexibility and agility of those environments. Multiple cloud refers to the usage of two or more cloud services usually a combination of infrastructure. Most companies tend to have private cloud security implementation and it is the duty of such implementation to protect the data wherever they are. Thus, multi cloud security faces the challenge of protecting the attack surfaces which results from such multiple cloud implementations.


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