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Cardiff Airport

Cardiff airport is located near a village Rhoose (a village near the sea in the vale of glamorgan near Barry.)just 13 miles from junction 33 of the M4 and around 30 minutes from Cardiff city centre. Cardiff airport is the most busiest airport in the territory of wales. Since March 2013, the airport has been owned by welsh government. Many improvements and advancements have been observed since the ownership of the subsequent government. The passengernumber have been increasing year-on-year. By the end of April 2019, The year has been remarkable in terms of passenger growth. More than 1.6 million passengers have rendered services of flying through Cardiff Airport which reflects an increase of 7% versus 2018.
1.1 Cardiff Airport history:
Initially the Cardiff airport was developed by air minsitry known as Royal air force. Training base camp and wartime satellite aerodrome was setup for air force. After the construction, the official use of Cardiff airport started in 7 April 1945. The airfield was left abandoned and destroyed after WW II.
Originally the suggestion for transforming the land into an airport was put forward by Lord Ogmore. He identified what he called a "great need for a commercial airport of international standards" in South Wales.
Lord Ogmore proposed that already existing airport pengam moors from 1931 to 1954 requires to be improved and millions pounds will be spent in order to improve the existing condition of the pengam airport. Also he identified a safety hazard that the tall chimney stacks of the nearby East Moors Steelworks could be dangerous for aircrafts. However, government approved his proposal and in 1954 a new Rhoose airport was established.
The commercial potential of the runway was recognized in the early 1950s with Aer Lingus starting a service to Dublin in 1952. Glamorgan county city council was handed over to the ministry of aviation and it was renamed to glamorgan airport followed by a construction and development planning includes terminals, towers and runway extensions. An increase in holiday charter business resulted in passenger throughput exceeding 100,000 in 1962.The main runway was extended to double its length to 7,000 ft, which enabled the Airport to accommodate wide bodied aircraft.
Few times concorde was landed on the runway but it was not allowed to land with heavy load or take off vice versa. She was allowed to take off with minimal load off passengers. The runway was extended by 750 feet in 1986 and this enabled the airport to cater for transatlantic flights to Florida and Canada.
In the 1980s, the airport's name was changed to 'Cardiff-Wales Airport'.The runway extension, enabling the Airport to handle 747 jumbo jets, was instrumental in attracting the British Airways Maintenance facility to Cardiff Airport.British Airways quickly realised the value of the place and built a huge Maintenance Hangar alongside the runway.
In 1995, the airport was privatised. It was now reconginsed as UK’s most busiest airports with shares being sold to Welsh property and development firm, TBI plc.
In 2006, Cardiff Airport invested £7 million on developments to accommodate passenger growth. The Airport was part of the TBI network, which owns, operates or provides services at 13 airports in five countries.
The early 1990s saw a significant boost to the Airport's scheduled services when Manx Airlines established their European Air Route Hub at Cardiff, offering daily services to key business destinations within Europe and the UK. Consequently scheduled passenger levels exceeded 100,000 for the first time in a single year.

In 1992 passenger numbers soared by 22% to 743,219 by the end of the year. Additional charter and scheduled services contributed to the rise in traffic, as did major increases in aircraft capacity. The Airport's Golden Jubilee Anniversary was celebrated in 1992 and a programme of special events to mark 50 years of flying from Cardiff culminated in a Royal visit, with Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra unveiling a commemorative plaque.
In March 2009 Cardiff Airport revealed a revised name and brand following a brand review involving consultation with a number of key stakeholders. The name 'Cardiff Airport' and 'Maes Awyr Caerdydd' replaced Cardiff International Airport, and a new visual identity and logo was also revealed.
On 18 December 2012, it was announced that the Welsh Government was wanted to buy the airport from its current owners.In March 2013, Cardiff Airport was purchased by the Welsh Government and a board of Non-Executive Directors was put in place to support the Executive team on business development and to encourage further growth. From the time of purchase the Cardiff airport have undergone number of developments, advancement and improvisation for better customer journey. The improvements include welcoming new airlines and increasing route availability; re-furbishing the terminal building; opening a new landside cafe – Caffi Cwtch; updating the security search area; improving car park infrastructure and landscaping the terminal surroundings.
Cardiff airport has been a significant part of wales city.

1.2 Airport Terminals:
Cardiff terminals consists of 1 terminals which assist over 1 million passengers to reach 900 destinations via their 50 direct routes.
Airport terminal facilities:-
o Check-In/Ticket Desks:
The check-in hall and ticket desks are both located at ground floor at the main entrance. The arrivals hall and baggage reclaim are also situated on the ground floor.
o The departure lounge and the international pier:
The departure lounge and the international pier, as well as the airport information desk can be found on first floor of the Cardiff airport.
o Information:
There is an Information Desk located on the first floor, or you can contact the airport staff from one of the Customer Call points throughout the airport.
o Food and Drink:
Cardiff airport offers a coffee shop, places to eat and bars.
o Toilets:
Toilets are available throughout the terminal with disabled and baby changing facilities available.
o Places of Worship:
Multi faith rooms can be found in the check in Hall, close to the Special Assistance Desk.
o Shopping:
There is a range of outlets at Cardiff's main terminal, whether you are looking to stock up on duty free goods, buy a book for the plane or keep yourself busy playing video games.
o Bureaux de change:
There are Change Group bureaux de change desks both before and after security and also in the baggage reclaim hall to provide foreign currency for your holidays.
o Cash Points:
There are two cash machines available for use, one in the Departure Lounge and the other in the Arrivals Hall.
o Trolleys:
Trolleys are available for use throughout the airport, for a £1 / €1 refundable charge.
o Car Hire:
There are several desks in the arrivals hall as well as outside the airport.
o Internet and Wi-Fi:
There are three Internet Kiosks available as well as Wi-Fi through the airport. Wi-Fi is free for the first 30mins and the £3 thereafter.
o Children’s Entertainment:
There is a specially designed Play Centre for younger children and can be found in the Departure lounge. Parents are advised to supervise their children at all times
1.3 Cardiff Airport Transport:
There are bus/coaches, taxis and train services available for Cardiff airport.
Bus/coaches services:
The bus services are located outside the terminal. Several bus companies provide services at Cardiff airport which includes express bus service that operate between Cardiff airport and Cardiff city center every 20 minutesin summer(with free travel on weekends.)runs seven days a week from the early morning until late in the evening and every 30 minutes in winter.The routes to and from the city are slightly different, on average it takes 35 minutes.All journeys are operated by low floor buses with enough space for your luggage.
Taxi 2 Cardiff :

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