Briyani in Orlando, USA

Briyani in Orlando might sound like a dream come true but is now really available at Mynt. Briyani by Mynt tastes classic, fresh and is full of flavors. If you are craving for Briyani in Orlando, Florida, USA, Mynt is the place to be. At Mynt, you get best Indian food in Orlando and it is now counted among the best Indian restaurants in Florida, USA.

Vegetable Briyani

Mynt serves Vegetable Briyani. Vegetable Briyani at Mynt, USA contains loads of vegetables and Indian spices. It tastes best with any green salad or raita. Vegetable Briyani per plate costs $16.

Chicken Briyani

Chicken Briyani contains chunks of chicken pieces at Mynt. The chicken pieces usually have bones. For boneless Chicken Briyani, you can place special order at Mynt, Orlando in advance. A plate of Chicken Briyani costs $18.

Mynt is the best lunch place in Winter Park.

Shrimp Briyani

For seafood lovers, the best briyani variant is Shrimp Briyani. Shrimp Briyani contains prawns, masala and slow cooked rice. This one-pot seafood item makes a good dinner or lunch. You get Shrimp Briyani in the USA at Mynt, Orlando, Florida. One plate Shrimp Briyani at Mynt costs $20.

Lamb Briyani

Mynt is one of the well-known Indian restaurants in Orlando serving Lamb Briyani. Lamb Briyani is wholesome, full of meat, contains authentic spices and has outstanding taste. Mynt serves Lamb Briyani in their catering and delivery services as well. One plate Lamb Briyani at Mynt, Orlando costs $19.

Summing up, on craving or wanting to try some good authentic Indian slow cooked flavorsome briyani in Orlando, the answer is Mynt. Mynt has been serving the listed kinds of Briyani in Orlando for years now. Briyani in Orlando, Florida, served at Mynt is appreciated by foodies. Mynt also serves several other kinds of mouthwatering Indian dishes.

Visit Mynt, Orlando, Florida to try Briyani in the USA.

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