Thanks to Covid, people from all walks of life are waking up to the importance of having a sustainable and environment friendly mode of living. Even clothes are not far from this sense of realization. Famous fashionistas as well as designers are seen promoting sustainable fabrics that not only promotes the local artisans but also protects nature.

What is sustainable fabric?
The first thing that we need to understand is that it lasts longer and the process of making the fabric is eco-friendly and has no chemicals involved that might damage or harm nature. So natural block printed fabric that is also treated naturally is considered as sustainable.

How are block prints done?
The traditional mode of block prints is also known as hand block printing. There are a few steps involved in this but the best part is that every step is natural.

Pre wash: This is the first step. As the name suggests, this is the first step of the process where the fabric is actually soaked for a day or two to remove the stiffness and starch present in the fabric. While earlier the fabrics were washed in local rivers they are now soaked in big tubs.

Hand carve the blocks: This is sheer work of art. Wooden blocks are taken and intricate designs are drawn on it and then carved by hand using a chisel. This hand crafted block is known to be dipped in colors and printed by hand on fabrics to create intricate designs.

Natural colors: This is another reason why block prints are known to be sustainable fabric designs. They are made by using natural color dyes like indigo, turmeric and so on. This makes the colors unique and also ecofriendly.

Printing: This is towards the last stage of the process. First is that the block prints are dipped in natural colors and dyes to create unique shades. Then the blocks are placed on the fabric by hand to create an impression. Since this is done by hand no two block prints are ever identical.

Final washing: Once all the steps are done the fabric is treated and washed. This is the final step before sending for quality checks and final packaging.

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