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Quick Guide to Select the Custom Presentation Boxes’ Design

Bloating - How to End it in Minutes; Works Every Time!

Bloating can be one of the most painful and embarrassing things people endure. Once after eating some pizza and a beer, I bloated so badly that even though I am male, I could have passed for being about 8 months pregnant. It was excruciating! Being a scientific type I researched and experimented until I found the perfect solution which I now freely give to you. Ending bloating is one of the easiest things you can do for yourself and you can do it at home, in a few minutes and this fast solution costs just a few cents.

I will not bore you with much detail but the medical mechanics of bloating are:

1) Your stomach valves, and/or one of your intestinal valves (esophageal, pyloric, duodenum, and ileocecal) control the movement of food through your digestive tract.

2) These same valves also control the release of excessive gas in the stomach and upper intestine.

3) When a person is overly acidic, these valves become acid scarred, which puckers them shut.

4) These closed off valves then refuse to release the naturally occurring digestive gases and methane; the result is bloating.

The good news is that this gas pressure is eliminated as fast as it occurs and you can do it without medical assistance.

I am not always a fan of herbal oils for health purposes but pharmaceutical grade peppermint oil in the right type of capsule (enteric) is a fast, cheap, highly effective solution to bloating. Here is what you do:

Using the above type of capsules, remove two from the bottle and place in your mouth. While the capsules are still in your mouth, sip about a tablespoon or so of water into your mouth. Bite down on one of the capsules until it releases the peppermint oil into the water in your mouth, but leave the other capsule intact. Swish and swallow the water and capsules. Breath normally but do not immediately exhale through your nose or the strength of the peppermint may be uncomfortable to you.

You should begin burping and/or passing gas within 2 to 30 minutes and full relief comes very quickly. The bitten capsule coats the throat and stomach valve (the main culprits) while the unbitten capsule (enteric coated) will not open in the stomach, but will open in the intestines, soothes the valves in the intestines.

It is important to use pharmaceutical peppermint oil because the fragrance oils and essential oils are not all pure enough to be consumed. The enteric coating is a special capsule that does not degrade in the acid of the stomach. I found this exact product inexpensively online at, but you may find them elsewhere if you have time to shop around.

Because this remedy costs almost nothing per treatment and is fast and highly effective, it will save anyone prone to bloating many hours of misery, and the best part is, no trips to doctors or pharmacies, no drugs, and no ongoing antacids, some of which are now found responsible for serious side effect issues.


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