Best Paneer Ahmedabad, A2 Cow Milk, Milkmor India

MilkMor is a brand derived from Indian soil and caters you with best farm fresh A2 and gir cow milk. The gir cow milk is one of the best nutritious milk that is available in the current milk market. The best milk comes out of the A2 breed of cows and the Gir Cows.

Milkmor takes very stringent precautions before they buy their lot of A2 cows for milking. Milkmor’s A2 Cows are the healthiest when they start milking because of having a farm fresh fodder with temperature controlled environment and a music by the flute to stay calm. The cows are also fed with lots lot of seasonal and nutritious fodder like beetroots, soya hulls, corn & other mixture of silage

Milkmor provides cows with timely Scrub Massage, pedicure, natural grazing, temperature control, hygiene, mist fans, movement space, sunlight time, shower time and medication to name a few. Also the cows are not tied to just one place to restrict their movement, they are set free to chat with their neighbors and have some gossiping around.

Talking of everyday milk, majority of the Indian population start their day and end their day with milk in various forms. Milkmor caters you with untouched milk for the best results while having a hygienic way of processing the milk.

Milkmor has a wide distribution area which covers all the major cities of Ahmedabad. The representatives of Milkmor brand and the distribution staff are very friendly with their customers and they are very apt with their delivery of the milk in all the respective cities in any given day whether dealing with rain or some re-routing due to flooding.

Milkmor is a brand in which you can trust and buy your daily need of milk and other products including Gir Cow’s Ghee, Paneer, Buttermilk, Shrikhand etc as your drinks and relish on you savoury.

Now you can order online and also subscribe to your daily needs of milk and milk products from Milkmor’s online store. You have the opportunity to receive all the newsletters from our website knowing what is in-store for you or what are the new happenings in with Milkmor. Now whenever you think of buying milk, just close your eyes and order the same with Milkmor, as the brand comes with most hygienic and untouched milk right through your door the very first thing in the morning.

Milk being a wholesome food, every individual should be drinking a full glass of this wholesome milk each and every day to stay fit, healthy and grow your immunity during this pandemic. When we get milk from the farm fresh A2 cow milk(Milkmor), there is no negative thinking of hygiene and nutrition which is abundant in the milk which you intake.

A2 cow milk promotes easy digestion for children and protects you from intestinal inflammations while providing with more such nutrition which are needed to the human body every day.

Apart from the A2 milk, milkmor provides other milk products which are produced with A2 milk, which again include all the same nutrients which are available in the A2 cow milk. You can order paneer, shrikhand, buttermilk and many other products which you and your family can relish upon. This makes us the most trusted and one of the best selling brands in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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