Best Diet for Healthy Weight Loss

When it comes to loosing weight, there are two types of people; those with a digestive disorder and those without. This article is only about the best diet for weight loss for people who also have a digestive disorder.

Regardless of what your symptoms are: bloating, reflux, heartburn, or whether you diagnosis is diverticulitis, colitis, or Crohns, or even if you have symptoms but have not gotten a label on your issue, all these issues and conditions are the result of high stomach and intestinal acid content.

Now here is the secret: Acid, or low pH is lethal to bacteria, so those of us with high acid in our digestive tract automatically have low beneficial bacteria counts in the gut. We can not just use any diet in the tabloids or the latest new thing. The reason is that we actually have a problem absorbing nutrients through our food due to our digestive issue. The acid not only kills off our beneficial digestive bacteria, it also corrodes and inflames portions of our digestive tract. Between inefficient bacterial breakdown (low beneficial bacteria) and damaged, inflamed, scarred, intestinal tract, our critical nutrients (proteins, vitamins, and minerals) is very low.

When nutritional uptake is low, hunger takes over. The body cannot tell you that it is not getting enough vitamins, minerals, or any of the harder to digest food molecules the body only has one way to scream at us for more nutrition, and that is HUNGER. If you have gained weight over the years and have a digestive disorder, the chances are very high that you are being molecules pushed into eating too much by a nutritionally starved body.

Unfortunately, carbs and other sugars absorb easily and quickly so even a compromised digestive tract lets you gain undesirable pounds in its attempt to increase your nutritional uptake. To fix this, you need the best diet for healthy weight loss for those with a digestive disorder.

The best diet for healthy weight loss for digestive issue patients is the catalyst food program. This simple eating plan brings acid levels back to normal, starts you digesting food with your natural enzymes, calms inflamed stomach and intestinal linings, and dramatically improves nutritional uptake. There are also a couple of supplements that will help with this while you are healing on the diet.

Note: The average person loses about 15 pounds the first few weeks on the program without specifically trying to lose weight or reduce food intake.

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