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Quick Guide to Select the Custom Presentation Boxes’ Design

Benefits and Uses of Sola Flowers

Using natural flowers for special occasions, decoration projects, turns out to be more expensive than initially planned. Vendors have to cover their costs and some blooms are more expensive than others, especially the most exotic and out of season ones. At a certain point, you leave your dreams of having tables full of peonies behind. But what is that is not the case and a solution is available? Sola flowers are great alternatives, they are eco-friendly, customizable, and they are more affordable. Especially wood flowers wholesale are priced reasonably and you can always ask for special offers.

What Are Sola Flowers

Sola flowers are also known as wood flowers, because they are designed from tapioca or balsa tree bark. the thin sheets are carved into beautiful petals and then brought together to create stunning blooms. Each flower is individually made, meaning it is unique and will not be similar to anything you have seen before. They are also sustainable and biodegradable, so you will be doing the environment a favor by purchasing such blossoms. The tree grows rapidly, and this is another plus to consider buying and using the flowers.

In many situations people consider artificial flowers to be unsuitable for weddings and special occasions, but this is because some of the first choices were not designed with great detailed and you could spot from the distance that there is something wrong with them. Sola wood flowers do not fall in this category, because they look stunning without question, very natural and they can be used in any arrangement. Of course, for an added look, you can combine shapes and sizes, integrate a variety of flower types, including fillers.

Where to Find Wood Flowers Wholesale

It is not hard to find wood flowers wholesale , because many sellers have websites and they feature their products directly there. You can easily find the variety of products, information about each category, how many flowers are in every pack, if additional discounts are provided, and such. You can ask for more information in case you can’t find it on the website, perhaps regarding sizes, colors, how they are shipped. It is good to know what to expect ahead of time, and once the package arrives you can begin your project.

Some of the flowers might arrive wrinkled, but this is not an issue, because petals can be easily rearranged using water. There are many tips and tricks online and you can find out exactly how to bring them to life, how to dye and scent them. One of the main reasons why so many people love sola wood flowers is because they can be easily customized. They can be painted in any shade and you can play around with colors, combining them to result a stunning arrangement. You can focus on pastel and nude colors, but also on brighter shades and out of the ordinary ones.

Because they are so versatile, sola flowers have many purposes and it is very easy to use them in various projects. For example, decorating your home or office is highly enjoyable when you can create the arrangements you like and in the desired color scheme. It is the perfect opportunity to integrate flowers in your space, without the need to chance them regularly and spend additional money. These are durable and long-lasting, and you can enjoy their beauty for years to come. Maintaining them is a breeze, as occasional dust sweeping is all it takes.

Sola flowers are more than suitable for special occasions. The blossoms are delicate and stand out really well and in the same time, they are tough enough to endure various conditions and look amazing throughout the event. Just think about a natural flower bouquet and how sensitive it is when it is dehydrated, when it sits in warm temperatures for hours. This is not the case for wooden flowers, they are not affected and no matter what, they will maintain their beautiful design. In every picture they will look the same and everyone can enjoy their beauty.

Once the event is over, sola flowers don’t have to be left behind, because they don’t wither, and people can take them home and keep them for a long time. Every flower is handcrafted, which means two will not look the same and you can take advantage of variety, different textures and sizes. The blooms can be arranged however you want, in loose or tight bouquets, as centerpieces, and you can always add fillers to create a more natural look. There is no need to compromise the flowers you want, because season does not affect availability. You can have nay type of flower you want and there are no disappointments.

Why Buy Wholesale Wood Flowers

If you are planning a large event or if you are a decorator and want to present your ideas to clients, you can purchase wood flowers wholesale. It makes sense to buy in larger quantities, because this way you benefit from better offers and you can negotiate prices. There is no point in spending more money when you already know how many flowers you need.

Many suppliers out there offer this opportunity and they point out from the start how many flowers clients need to buy in order to take advantage of discounts. Some packages are already made, which is a major plus, and include a variety of flowers, so you know for sure that you have models to work with. You can always request more pictures with wood flowers wholesale to know what to expect.

Some people buy wood flowers for a certain occasion or for a DIY project, while others need supplies on a regular basis. It makes sense for the last category to be interested in wood flowers wholesale. There are many benefits to such blossoms, they are resistant, eco-friendly, customizable, they don’t provoke allergies, they are not scented, and they are so diverse and delicate. They fit perfectly in any décor and are a worthy alternative to fresh flowers.


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