Benefit Of Using Gym Weight Plates In Workout

Weight plates is one of the effective gym fitness tool used to perform several workouts easily. It works the same as kettlebells as well as dumbbells. One of the best and unique advantages of the weight plates Is that it improves the core and grip strength of the body. Generally, the weight plates are made up of the metal and all have the same structure and shapes. You can take a weight plate in front of your chest position to maintain your core ability. 

You can hold plates on the edges with all the fingers only that will help you to increase your grip strength. You can do various types of exercise and moves with the weight plates such as Thruster squat with rotation, Bent-over row, Walking lunge with a twist, Chop, Staggered deadlift, Shuffle push-up, Lateral lunges with push and the Dead bug with a plate and many more. By lifting weight Plates used for the strengthening exercise, flexibility, balance as well as muscles workout. It can prevent you from any type of injury. 

You can do warm-up exercise with the single weight plates, Single plate is good to warm up your body. You can add slowly the weight of the plate that helps to tone your body muscles and burn your calories. You can use weight according to your body weight. There are many gym shops, but Magnus Fitness World is the best gym equipment showroom in Nagpur. It supplies the gym equipment with the best brand such as Cosco, sole, and more. Magnus Fitness World is the only shop where you can buy the gym equipment weight plate with affordable prices as well as the warranty also.

It’s time to wake up and hold the weight machine and go for a workout. After using regular weight plates, you will see the best results in you in some days only. In the beginning, body pain will occur, but it’s a positive sign of exercise. As per the fitness trainers, adding weight plates to your routine exercise is the best way of workout that easily gives results. Plates also improve your body balance. The free weight doesn’t work on multiple muscles at a time. There are no limitations to free weight. But thing is that you have to grip a weight properly and under trainers at the beginning.

Rubberised Weight Plates 1.25kg 28mm

Product Code:  CWP1 (1¼ Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Rubber Wight Plate with Metal Insert.
Colour: Black.
Inner Diameter 30mm / 50 mm.
Weight: 1¼ Kgs.

Rubberised Weight Plates 2.5kg 28mm
Product Code:  CWP2 (2½ Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Weight: 2½ Kgs.

Rubberised Weight Plates 5kg 28mm
Product Code:  CWP3 (5 Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Weight: 5 Kgs.

Rubberised Weight Plates 7.5kg 28mm
Product Code:  CWP4 (7½ Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Weight: 7½ Kgs.

Rubberised Weight Plates 10kg 28mm
Product Code:  CWP5 (10 Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Weight: 10 Kgs.

Rubberised Weight Plates 15kg 28mm
Product Code:  CWP7 (15 Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Weight: 15 Kgs.

Rubberised Weight Plates 20kg 28mm
Product Code:  CWP 8 (20 Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Weight: 20 Kgs

 Rubberised Weight Plates 25kg 28mm
Product Code:  CWP 9 (25 Kg.)
Brand:  Cosco
Weight: 25 Kgs

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