Banter Bonding

When you in dialogue with TMM, Sagar talks concerning their journey of dreams, the challenges they faced, and why it is so near their heart.
Banter Delhi
Banter Delhi has been opened for some time now; how has been the journey up to now?
Banter has been a dream job for both of us (me and Aman), and watching it come true with every brick being put in has been the happiest moment of our lives. I wouldn't be lying if I state that we were nervous about the people's responses, but with God's grace and our team's dedication, Banter struck the right chord with the guests, and we've seen happy days because of the opening.

What challenges did you face while fostering your fantasy into a reality?
Planning a Property such as Banter wasn't exactly an easy task because it is not just a high-end restaurant, but a courtyard and a pub at the same time. Thus, from the preparation to the execution, every step has been a challenge for us, but we're glad that we have successfully achieved our aims.

How can you describe your menu?
Food is very Close to my heart, and hence extra efforts have been placed into curating the menu. Our menu is a blend of classics and modern, gourmet, and comfort food. The aim is to appeal to every palate, and we hope we can fulfill the expectations.

What's the best dish, and why?
Udta Punjab Is one of my favorite dishes, firstly due to its visual appeal and magical flavors.
Brothers in the small business.

The idea behind starting Banter together was not because we found some inspiration, but because we wanted to put our sibling bonding into the business. Aman and I have not just been partners in crimes, but also because our ideologies and believing match and hence work becomes simple and enjoyable.

Banter Delhi
What exactly does the future hold for Banter Delhi?
We're already focusing on adding two floors to the present property. They'll be Operational soon. Plus, we are also on the lookout for more possessions, since Growth is on the cards.
Five must-tries at Banter!!
Tandoori broccoli
Udta Punjab ( chicken and prawns )
Maggie aranchini
BBQ chicken satay
keemapau bruschetta
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