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AshishBisht graduates to the silver screen using Shab. In his interview with TMM, he shares his travel and more than five years of hard work. Shab releases the 30th of June, and I wish him all the very best.
How would You establish yourself as an individual in real life?
I am a Light-hearted character and cherish every second life presents to me. I feel that it helps individuals spruce up our survival as human beings.

When did you want to get into Modelling?
The elders Have the time of the inquiring life kid, what would you become when you grow up?' *giggles*. While everybody boasted of being an engineer or a doctor, I announced being a model daily proudly. Just when I matured and needed a simple check, I realized attaining a childhood dream isn't a child's play. But I never gave up on putting sincere efforts in achieving it. I managed my passion for Modelling, along with working as an employee with a firm. Multi-tasking became my teacher. I learned from my errors, quantified my own performance, and reached where I am now.

You spent More than five years in Modelling until you got your much-awaited first break in Bollywood with'Shab.' Has this changed your life somewhere?
I have not noticed a drastic shift after'Shab.' As I said, the road ahead is not a bed of roses as it appears to be. Different pressure has begun to build up. My priority is to now lookout to work on commendable functions in the time to come. There's one thing that I have observed here in the business. Every time an individual transitions to a celebrity, all his actions are noted and responded to. Everyone expects me to greet and meet them with the same ease and relaxation. Consciously or not, I make sure I'm humble while I talk with anyone.

You started From Almora, then Delhi, and now Mumbai. What all challenges did'model'AshishBisht had to go through to become'artiste' Ashish?
I am born and brought up in Delhi. My entire family used to travel to Almora throughout my summer holidays while I was young. I got myself enrolled in a correspondence program, took up a job to make enough for my survival. I was desperate to take up Modelling that combined with my research and Modelling, I did theater too. I juggled between three things simultaneously before I left my job and moved my base to Mumbai. My actual life adventures and theatre brushed my skills and allow me to bring life to my performance. Every day taught significant lessons of life, which I accommodated in my own interpretation. Therefore, I never repent doing anything that I did as a waste of time.

You bagged Your very first job with older actors like RaveenaTandon.
Raveena is an excellent celebrity and also a gem of a person! Ever since our initial shot together, she never let me believe she had been a senior actor. I have to say she worked hard to make me comfortable on the sets. 'Shab' being my first movie, I was very nervous on the sets to which she advised me to respond to her dialogues. The result of that is now all set for the viewers to see and appreciate. I feel blessed to have done my first movie with her as my co-star.

What was Your first response when you came to understand you're doing your first movie under the banner ads and RaveenaTandon?
AshishBisht was placed under a series of 19 rounds of the audition. As I jumped one round after another, I had been quite convinced of living my dream of doing a good script in Bollywood. 'Shab' has made it feasible.
AshishBisht Rapid fire with AshishBisht

Which was The brand you auditioned for the very first time? Adidas
That was your first Advertisement? Nokia
Is casting Sofa a myth? No
What does 'Shab' the film mean to you personally? Shab' will remain special. You may say it is my 'life.'
Which role Do you want you to need to have done?
What would Delhi always imply to you? My Janm-Bhoomi
Name your Dream destination... New York
Which Actress do you desire to work with? Alia Bhatt

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