Aims and Objectives – The “What” and “How” of Your Dissertation

You are taking up the research for a specific purpose. Research is the organized evaluation of an issue in which you try to obtain the solution to the issue. For this purpose, clearly stated objectives are very necessary. Such objectives show the way in which the researcher has to progress.
The objectives of the study demonstrate the reason you are taking up this research. To be precise, the main focus of your research is presented by means of aims and objectives.
Dissertation Objective:
Forming research aims and objectives in a sound manner is very important for your dissertation. This is due to the reason that research aims and objectives make out the scope, profoundness and the progressing of the research.
The research objective outlines what should be accomplished by the evaluation. When you formulate it, it will help you to focus on the study in a better manner.
When you formulate a clear-cut objective, it will assist the researcher to avoid the gathering of data that are not relevant to the problem that h/she has found out.
Relation Between the Research Question and Research Aim:
When you achieve the research aim, then you give a specific answer to the research question. Research aim breaks the research objectives into several parts. Each part is given specific consideration.
There would be one typical research aim and various research objectives, to help in the achievement of the aim.

Good objective in Your Dissertation:
It should explain clearly what you are going to undertake in your project.
It should be measurable in the sense that you will be aware of the time you reach your objective.
It should be achievable in the sense that it is realistic and feasible.
It should be time-bound because certain times unexpected delays may take place.
It should make a sound application of concepts.
It should be pertinent.
It should have logic.
It should be fairly achieved with the available resources.
Aims or Objectives Should be there in a Dissertation:
It is better to check with your project supervisor regarding this. There can be one aim or the primary aim can be supported by more aims. As far as objectives are concerned, it is good if you produce adequate objectives that will help in achieving the aims.

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