The Amazon Web services is a broad IT infrastructure platform with deep features and visibility into compliance and governance. It is a subsidiary of with a secure cloud service platform offering computer power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help the business scale and grow.

• Amazon API Gateway:- It is a service for publishing, maintaining, and securing web services APIs.
• Amazon Cloud Search:- It provides basic full-text search and indexing of textual content.
• Amazon DevPay:- It is a billing and account management system for applications.
• Amazon Elastic Transcoder:-It provides video transcoding of S3 hosted videos, convert source files into mobile versions.
• Amazon Simple Email Services:- It provides bulk email sending facility.
• Amazon Simple Queue Services:-It provides a hosted message queue for web applications.
• Amazon Simple Notification Services:- It provides a hosted multi-protocol push messaging for applications.
• Amazon Simple Workflow:- It is a service for building scalable and resilient applications.
• Amazon Cognito:-It is a user identity and data synchronization service. It manages and synchronizesapp data for the users acrosstheir mobile devices.
• Amazon AppStream:-It’s a low-latency service that streams the resources, intensive applications, and games from the cloud.

AWS is a huge platform that is based on the database, content delivery, networking, developer and management tools, IoT, game development, mobile and application services, analytics, and so on. Numerous job opportunities are waiting for you if you want to chase a career in this field. In the competitive world of today, the companies are hiring very smart and intelligent professionals. You should undergo AWS training in Apponix Technologies in Bangalore. They provide training with much experienced trainers at a very reasonable fee amount. They also offer placement guidance as well. So join here in Apponix Technologies to become the best AWS developer.
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