5 Types of Additive Masterbatches

Masterbatches are further categorized into several sub sections according to usage, type and composition. One common and popular type of masterbatch is additives. Palvi Masterbatches being a trusted masterbatches manufacturer in India offers best quality additive masterbatches. In this blog post, PalviMasterbatches explain 5 types of additive masterbatches that are now in popular demand in the market:

Clarifier Masterbatches

Among additive masterbatches, PalviMasterbatches offer clarifier masterbatches promote crystallization, neucleation in polymer melt. Using clarifier masterbatches also impacts stiffness, higher hdt, cycle time and flexural modulus. Clarifier additives can be used according to Food Safety Regulation Act.

PalviMasterbatches is a black masterbatches manufacturer in Vadodara.

UV Masterbatches

UV masterbatches protects plastic from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. UV inhibitors in UV masterbatches absorb harmful wavelength and also defer free radical formation in plastic. UV masterbatches are commonly used in moulded products, auto components, furniture, household items, packaging firms, green house film and so on.

PalviMasterbatches is a white masterbatch exporter in Vadodara.

Anti-Oxidant Masterbatches

PalviMasterbatches offer anti-oxidant masterbatches of 2 types – secondary and phosphatic type. Anti-oxidant masterbatch contains active ingredient up to 10%-20%. It is used in different types of films and pipes.

PalviMasterbatches is a masterbatch manufacturing company in Gujarat.

PPA Masterbatches

With 2%-3% concentration of active ingredients, PPA masterbatches offers thermal stability. PPA masterbatches reduce gel formation and improve productivity. PPA Masterbatch reduces melt fracture too.

PalviMasterbatches is a masterbatch manufacturer in Vadodara.

Anti-Static Masterbatches

Anti-static masterbatches contains ionic additives which makes it highly polar and non-ionic. PalviMasterbatches anti-static masterbatches contain active ingredients up to 10%-20%. This is mainly used in auto parts, food containers, moulded parts and so on.

UV masterbatches, Anti-Oxidant masterbatches. PPA masterbatches, Anti-Static masterbatches and Clarifier Masterbatches – All these 5 kinds of Additive masterbatches are available at PalviMasterbatches at finest quality and best price. Place your order now.

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