5 Must-Try Indian Food for Tourists in Orlando, Florida

As Indian population is increasing in Florida, so is accelerating the number of best Indian restaurants in Florida. With so many options, it takes time to research and decide which restaurant to go to as each has its own uniqueness. Thus, to ease your task, here is a list of five Indian food items available in all Indian fine dining restaurants, Florida. These Indian food items are easily available, tastes great and must not be missed:


As we all know Samosa is a deep-fried Indian snack. Some restaurants in Winter Park, Florida serve it during dinner, while some serve it during both lunch and dinner. To standout in the crowd, Mynt, Orlando also serves lip-smacking Samosa Chaat as well.

Pakoda and Bhajji

Indian restaurants in Florida serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pakodas and bhajjis. You can have them as a starter or snack. These are fried items that must be accompanied with sauces and chutneys.

Indian bread

All Indian brunch buffets, Orlando, Florida serves Indian breads like roti, naan, puri, tandoori roti and paratha. Indian bread is also available during dinner buffet or with the ala-carte meal. Indian breads taste best when served with hot curries.

Pani Puri

You get varieties of panipuri in Indian fine dining restaurants, Florida. Other than the usual ones, panipuri is also served in the form of chaats like dahipuri, sevpuri and more. Chaat is mostly available on dinner menu than lunch.

Tandoor Items

Most Indian fine dining restaurants, Florida serve tandoor items during both lunch and dinner. There is a choice of veg and non-veg in the tandoor section. Indian tandoor items make amazing starter and you can even try it with the main course. As tandoor items are grilled, they are healthy and safe to eat.

Above are common Indian food items available in Indian fine dining restaurants, Florida. If you are making a trip or staying in Orlando, Florida and crave Indian delicacies, these items are a must-try at local restaurants like Mynt – one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando. They also cater to Indian food in private events.

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