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Quick Guide to Select the Custom Presentation Boxes’ Design

12 Best Survival Games You Should Play In 2020

Survival games are very popular with gamers. The reason is that they evoke a wide range of strong emotions, from panic and terror to pleasant adrenaline and euphoria after overcoming dangers. Also, such games allow you to look differently at the comfortable conditions and safety of everyday thought. In this list, you will find the best survival games popular in 2020.
ARK: Survival Evolved
In Ark: Survival Evolved, you will find yourself on an island inhabited by dinosaurs and other predators, along with hundreds of other players. You will be able to unite into tribes with other players for cooperation. Tribes of players can also fight each other, fight for territory and loot. Dinosaurs and other predatory animals are a big threat to defend against, but you can also tame them and use them as weapons.
Don’t Starve
Scientist Wilson conducted a scientific experiment, but it got out of control and an ancient demon locked him in a mad, wild world full of the most unpredictable dangers. You need to survive and find a way to get out. To do this, you need to satisfy hunger in time, monitor the indicators of health and sanity. After that, other characters with their own unique history and abilities will be available to you. You will be delighted with the stylish and atmospheric graphics of Don't Starve.
Minecraft is the benchmark for all survival sandboxes. At the beginning of the game, you find yourself on a random section of the map with an empty inventory. In the beginning, you have to dig for wood with your bare hands. During the first day of the game you have to build a house, and if you do not have time, you risk being eaten by zombies and skeletons. Also, don't forget about food. Once you've mastered this unfriendly world and settled down with solid equipment, you can go for epic battles with mobs in the Nether.
Realmcraft is almost completely identical to Minecraft, but this game can be downloaded for free. Survival mode has tutorial quests to help you get comfortable in the world, so even beginners can play Realmcraft. But if you are an experienced gamer, you will be equally interested, just select the highest difficulty in the settings. The rules of survival are the same: do not linger on the street late in the evening and watch the satiety indicator.
Sunless Sea
A roguelike game set in a Victorian setting with elements of Lovecraft-inspired mysticism. You play as the captain of the underground seas, whose path is full of dangers. There are three main scales: fuel, food, and terror. Without fuel, the ship will stop, without food, your crew members will start eating each other, and when the horror is overwhelming, they will revolt. If you die, you will have to start the game over.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
According to the plot in 2027, the lives of most people are carried away by an unknown infection and after death they turn into zombies. You need to survive at all costs: build houses with boarded up windows and barricades, use road signs as weapons, cooperate with other players, and even hunt other survivors. Indeed, in this cruel world there is no place for mercy. Any buddy can shoot you in the back for canned food and ammunition.
This War of Mine
Polish indie game dedicated to the war in Yugoslavia. Here you will not participate in pretentious battles as a brave soldier. Instead, you will feel like an ordinary vulnerable person, forced to hide in a shelter, fear shooting, find it hard to get food, and make difficult decisions on which the lives of loved ones depend. The game impresses with its realism and brutality.
The Long Dark
Here the main character will be a pilot, whose plane, due to a mysterious disaster, landed on one of the northern islands of Canada with extremely harsh conditions: dangerous predators, the risk of dying from hunger, frostbite or overwork. Your goal will be to stay alive for as long as possible in Survival Mode, or find a way to get back home in Story Mode. Game locations are copied from the real-life Pacific coast.
In Scum, your character will be a participant in a reality show in which the participants compete and die for real. You will have to fight back both AI characters and other players in real time. To do this, you need to find equipment scattered around the island. You also need to monitor several indicators such as hunger, thirst, pulse, body temperature, etc. It has very realistic physics and crafting system.
They Are Billions
The game's plot takes place in the 22nd century. Due to an unknown disease that turned most people into zombies, technological progress has degraded to the state of the 19th century, so you are surrounded by steampunk scenery. You have to build a base that will provide safety for the survivors, extract important resources and at the same time fight zombies. Defeat hordes of zombies, freeing up new locations and find ancient weapons.
DayZ is a multiplayer survival zombie apocalypse game that includes open world exploration, resource extraction, crafting and building. You are given only one chance to survive: in case of death, you lose all property and are forced to start all over again. You can join forces with players, but remember that betrayal is common here. However, lonely wolves also have a hard time here.
A multiplayer survival simulator from the creators of Garry's Mod. The game was initially conceived as a DayZ clone. The influence of Minecraft is also felt. Here, as in other survival games, players must mine for food, build their base, and craft weapons. Wild animals roam around, but other players are the most dangerous. For many players, grouping and raiding the bases of other groups is the main entertainment.
In Subnautica, you experience a spaceship crash and find yourself on an unknown ocean planet. To survive, you need to dive into the very depths of the ocean to look for food, craft a structure that allows you to breathe under water and underwater vehicles. You will encounter many hostile creatures on your way. And when you learn to survive, it's time to think about ways to get out of here.


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