10 Famous Trumpet Players

The trumpet has been played in many parts of the world across assorted cultures by multi-talented musicians and players. The trumpet is performed to suit a range of styles, including classical and contemporary styles such as pop, jazz, blues, and even rock. As such, the trumpet is incredibly diverse, which probably helps explain why it is so popular.
In honor of the many fantastic trumpet players from various eras and parts of the world, here are ten famous trumpet players of all time:

Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong was born into extreme poverty at the beginning of the 20th century. His ability to invent, improvise, and play around with techniques alongside his entertaining quality and energy helped him dazzle worldwide audiences.

Dizzy Gillespie
Born John Birks Gillespie, we still remember Dizzy as one of the founding fathers of jazz and bebop. He was known famously for his peculiar trademark of puffing out his cheeks while playing. He gained the name Dizzy for his entertaining frolicking and his clowning around while on stage.

Art Farmer
Art Farmer was a highly celebrated trumpeter and melodic soloist. As more people continue to study his works over the years, Art’s skill and emotional deepness have only become more apparent. Unlike other trumpet players of his day, Art set himself apart by avoiding the typical bright and penetrating sound of conformist and mainstream playing in exchange for depth and articulation.

Chet Baker
A list of the most famous trumpet players would undoubtedly be incomplete without Chet Baker. Chet started playing the trumpet while he was still a young schoolboy. He achieved tremendous success with the quartet, but his recordings for Pacific Jazz, including album Chet Baker Sings, are still considered his best.

Miles Davis
The name Miles Davis is synonymous with the trumpet. He was a well-respected bandleader, composer, and one of the most influential trumpet players to ever walk the earth. He made a massive contribution by helping to introduce and define the West Coast Genre of jazz music.

Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan became a professional trumpet player at the tender age of 15. He was a child prodigy of sorts who studied with Clifford Brown, who gained equal respect in his craft. He also worked in Dizzie Gillespie’s band for some time before moving on to find his sound and style.

Wynton Marsalis
Wynton Marsalis is a famous trumpeter from New Orleans. Of the musicians included in this list, he still one of the only practicing trumpet players today. He is a music educator, composer, and Artistic Director of Jazz at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Fats Navarro
Theodore Fats Navarro was an American pioneer of the bebop style of jazz improvisation during the 40s. He influenced many players of his generation, including Clifford Brown, and paved the way for many others to take up the mantle.

Herb Alpert
Like Wynton Marsalis, Herb Alpert still plays the trumpet actively today. He has won the coveted Grammy Award for his solo artistry and his role as a respected bandleader. He has also produced numerous expressionist paintings and sculptures over the years that have helped consolidated his name in the art scene.

King Oliver
King Oliver was a native of New Orleans and was a bandleader and cornet player. He was well known and praised for his ground-breaking use of mutes in jazz, which gave him a unique playing style. He was a notable composer and the man who influenced the great Louis Armstrong.

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