What You Should Know Before Pursuing B.Sc Nursing Course in Haryana

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in nursing, there are ample opportunities for you. But this can only be grabbed if you join B.Sc nursing course in Haryana. This is a 4 years course plan which is presented by the Indian Nursing Council. It is the responsibility of the candidate to take care of the patients and provide health care to them. After one pursues the course, it allows them to enter into a big market place with great career opportunities.

In fact, one can also plan to take up a master course after getting B.Sc nursing colleges in Haryana admission which will widen more skills and career prospective. A person who has a keen interest to serve the needy, take care of people and are lovable in nature can definitely pursue it. In order for you to have a desire to assist people in pain, this will be a great platform for you.

Career Opportunity

There is a wide array of career selection that you can think of after completing B.Sc nursing course. One is that the student can go for higher education and the other is directly settling with a good job.

• Nursing Advisor in Indian Government
• Nursing Assistant
• Nursing Supervisors
• Nursing Superintendents

A Guide about the B.Sc Nursing Course

1.As it is an undergraduate course, one needs to complete at least 10+2 years of education.
2.The course is of 4 years and hence it is divided into 2 parts. One is the basis while the other one is post B.Sc. nursing.
3.For taking B.Sc nursing colleges in Haryana admission in the course, the students are required to clear entrance exams. While there are few universities that don’t go for entrance but merit basis directly.

Higher Education after the B.Sc Nursing Course

If you wish to add more credibility in your education, you can feel free to take up higher education after B.Sc nursing course in Delhi. There are many education courses that you can decide to take up based on your liking and interest.

• M.Sc Nursing
• M.Sc Neuroscience
• M.Sc Biotechnology
• M.Sc Medical Microbiology
• M.Sc Biochemistry

Salary after Pursuing the Course

Students who have passed from great B.Sc nursing colleges will be entitled to get great job opportunities with satisfactory salary. If you talk about government hospitals, the starting salary for the student will be about 15,000 per month. As soon as you gain more experience, you can expect the package to increase. In fact, working in a government office will be a big career growth for you. If you choose private hospital 12,000 would be your per month starting salary.

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